Summer Part 1: On Court


I guess I could’ve spent the entire summer blogging about my experiences and thoughts and what not, but instead I’m here, on July 31, looking back on so many moments and memories. I guess it’s better this way; I can share what I’ve learned, not just what I’m living in the moment.

The summer started out with tennis, tennis, and, you guessed it, more tennis. My lovely doubs partner and I placed sixth at state, which was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Upon returning home I started putting in so much more time than I ever imagined I would. I’ve never been more dedicated, self-driven, or fit in my entire life, and I think I’ll always be striving to get back to that place. I’m forever thankful for those moments spent on court with both old & new tennis fam. “Summer ’16” will always be associated with this push for improvement in both tennis & fitness.


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