Third Week of May


This. Time. Of. Year. Is. So. Busy. I know everyone says it, but it’s so true. I think it takes the cake for busiest time of the year… December seems like almost nothing compared to this. Between tennis, grad parties, summer planning, and finishing these freakishly tough classes this semester.. It’s been a grind. My mind’s been buzzing with so many thoughts and ideas, so here they are for you.

– No matter how busy you feel, find time to do something rewarding for yourself. For me, this has meant finding twenty minutes to work out everyday. Something about it has been calming lately (which is odd, considering I despise working out). If you don’t take time for yourself in the middle of a chaotic string of weeks, you’ll get burnt out and edgy.

– Remember to tell the people that surround you how much they mean to you. Everyone’s feeling stressed and hectic right now; a few kind words go a long way.

– Find a grad party pal and hit them all together… It’s so much easier to go to 10 parties with your best friends than go to 3 awkward ones alone.

– Treasure the last weeks and days with the seniors. It blows my mind that in a year from now, my class will be getting ready to graduate, but that’s the reality of the matter. So many older people have touched my life, and it’s heartbreaking to see them go. But in a year from now, it’ll be our turn. Appreciate the time we have instead of dreading/looking forward to the future too much.

– Love yourself. It sounds really dumb, but it just makes the chaos and stress and burdens so much easier if you’re rooting for yourself. In a few weeks it’ll be over. We can do it!


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