Spring Visits


Honestly, spring is so tiring. The combo of three tennis meets a week, cramming five hundred chapters in every class in the span of five weeks, and sixty five million grad parties make this time of year hectic. The random responsibilities in absolutely every aspect of life don’t make it any easier, either. I’ve felt the exhaustion seeping into every slight crack, but one, life-altering experience changed this spring for me.

I toured two schools in Texas a few weeks back, and the rest of my semester has been so much better because of the visits. Here’s my thoughts on why touring colleges in the spring semester of your junior year is the best time to do it.

You gain motivation. Junior year is known as the grind—it’s the semester that really, really sticks out to colleges. Of course freshman and sophomore year matter, too, but junior year really seals the deal. I am determined to finish the year on a high note after two and a half years of hard work. Five more weeks won’t kill me.

You gain perspective. The annoyances of fellow classmates really build up each spring. The visit to Texas reminded me that we only have a year left together. In a year and a half, we’ll each be in our own place doing our own thing. The petty things that happen now truly don’t matter.

You gain excitement. I’m so excited to continue the hard work because I know that I will (hopefully) get to a place that I really want to be. It will be surreal to see the future unfold in front of me.



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