space 123

I always have the best thoughts when I’m driving, and then I get home and most everything has escaped me. But tonight I tried my hardest to remember because it’s stuff that I’m pumped to share. So here are my assorted thoughts in no particular order:

Music. Wow, I’ve been jammin lately. I’m not sure if it’s new songs I’ve overplayed or old songs I’ve rediscovered, but there is something about pulling up my Spotify that’s been making me giddy. Here are some of my faves… These could be very popular, well-known songs for all I know, but I’m sheltered by my lil’ Spotify bubble, so maybe they’re only new to me.

If you want to sing along in your car… Lonely Cities // Tigertown; Electric Love // BORNS

If you want something different… Give Me Something // Jarryd James; White Winter Hymnal // Fleet Foxes

If you want to reflect… Om Nashi Me // Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes; Little Hands // Inland Sky

If you want to feel like you’re in a Nicholas Sparks movie… Modern Drift // Efterklang; Fool for Love & Meet Me in the Woods // Lord Huron

If you want a throwback… Cry Me a River // Justin Timberlake; Slow It Down // Tyga

So those are my random song suggestions. Finding a new song is one of the many things that brings me joy, so if you ever have suggestions don’t hesitate to share.

Somebody approached me today and said, “Anna Rose, I stalked your blog last week and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, and I was like, ‘Dang she has her life together’! Keep posting!”

That comment absolutely made my day and truly inspired me to sit down and write this. You never know what amount of good paying someone a compliment can truly do. Life advice: Always tell people the good things you think about them; they probably need to hear how fabulous they are. If everyone was as genuine and honest as we all want to be, there would be so many more moments of pure bliss. So let’s do it; let’s be that.

There’s something magical about seeing every tree starting to bloom, tulips beginning to pop up, and misty spring days. The world is getting ready for summer!! Honestly, the anticipation of summer is what’s getting (probably) 100% of the school and teachers through the next crazy weeks. Until then, I’ll just enjoy these songs in my car, and I hope you can find your own version of this bliss.


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