’bout a week ago


// the best date is your best friend //

Last Saturday night, the culminating stress over the annual winter formal dance finally came to a close. The weeks of asking “what does your dress look like?” and “what group are you in?” and “who’s your date?” were finally over (thank goodness). Despite the questionable music at the actual dance, I had more fun than I thought possible. My dear friend, Ryan, accompanied me, as well as a group full of wonderful friends. I forgot how fun it was to get dolled up; it’s such a cliche high school moment, but it’s one I’m secretly thrilled my school makes a big deal of. When else will I get to wear roses on my wrist all night? Probably never. It’s safe to say that I won’t be thinking about the next dance for quite some time; I’m still basking in the bliss of last weekend.



// hair + makeup preparations at my favorite, favorite, favorite salon //


// marie + me //


// mirror mirror on the wall //


// my sweet el //


// the place card that awaited me at the beautiful restaurant //

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