One of Those Nights


Last night is a night worth sharing:

My lovely friend Olivia called me up to go shoe shopping for our upcoming dance (next weekend already—eeeek). She came on over, but first of all, something needs to be explained—she looked so cute in her Hunter boots, purple sweater and vest. That element of the story just needed to be included before I could proceed.

Any who, we ventured out to DSW where she found a pair of nude beauties to compliment her dress. Along the way, we somehow both admitted we’d been craving to watch a Nicholas Sparks movie, and what do you know, a new one is in theaters right now. So naturally we decided to go but had two hours to kill before the showtime. We ended up at Smokey Row, one of the most cultured coffee shops in Des Moines.

Things I love about Smokey Row: the interior decor, such as the brick walls, wood floors, tables + couches, chalkboard writing, etc; the food—specifically the ice cream, hehe; and the people there. I love how everyone seems to be working on something important to them, and the energy radiates throughout the building. I can’t wait to spend more time blogging, editing, and working on some art that I will use to build my portfolio at this cute lil joint.

Things I love about going to Smokey Row with Olivia: the tucked away table we snagged in the back; the vanilla & chocolate malts with added espresso that we snarfed down; how the conversation isn’t petty or gossipy—instead it’s about bigger and better ideas, dreams and goals; the way our phones don’t seem to be important when we’re together. And the way she loves sweet tea… that is true passion, let me tell ya.

So eventually we ended up in the movie theater, waiting for The Choice to begin. Let me just sum up the movie by saying that there were more than a few tears shed (no shame). Movies always seem to inspire me, but this one was so unique and intriguing to me; it was just different. It inspired me to spend the night in my kitchen until 3 am embarking on a new project that I ran by Liv. I  got the “go-ahead” from her, as in the, that’s-not-totally-weird-it’s-actually-semi-cool-so-you-should-do-it, kind of “go-ahead”. I can’t wait to share once I wrap it up.

All in all, last night was inspiring, mystical, and just what I needed. Shout out to Miss Olivia for making it so great. It’s nights like those that make getting through the weeks easier. Have a good one everybody!



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