The GC


The Grand Canyon is something you must see, no matter who you are or where you live. You simply must venture to Arizona and see this wonder of the world. A single picture can’t capture its beauty in a snapshot, especially because it looks like a picture in person. It looks like an intricate, layered, giant mural that never ends. The shadows, hues, and extremities of this breathtaking land mark are too picture perfect for anyone to possibly capture or recreate.


In order to make this adventure a little bit more interesting, family, friends, and I rode on mules around the rim of the canyon. And when I say the rim, I mean literally five feet from the edge of the mile-high hole—on the back of a mule. I’ve never been so scared, but it was an experience I’m more than glad I partook in.

3ahyeah57sam yes

My mules name was Sam; we created a special bond because he didn’t throw me over the edge ❤


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