Segwaying Away Spring Break


What is a segway, you may wonder?

According to Google, a segway is “a two-wheeled motorized personal vehicle consisting of a platform for the feet mounted above an axle and an upright post surmounted by handles.” But I like to describe it as the thing Paul Blart rides in the movie Mall Cop, the most fun mean of transportation, and the most exhilarating way to buzz around town.

Some friends and family and I did a segway tour of Old Town Scottsdale, and it was such a fun(ny) way to spend the afternoon. Not only did I learn a lot about Scottsdale, I learned a lot about how to control this two wheeled machine.

The acceleration of the segway is controlled through the feet by leaning forward on the machine, while slowing down and stopping are caused by the counter-balance of the acceleration. You turn the machine by pulling the center axis to the left or right like a pendulum.

I was surprised how much I didn’t know about Scottsdale:
It used to be called Orangedale because of all the citrus growing here, but it’s now named Scottsdale because the founder’s last name was Scott.

It’s one of three major art meccas in the southwest, along with Santa Fe, New Mexico and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

It’s been a horse town for as long as it’s existed.

Arizona was the 48th or 49th state of the United States; it didn’t become part of the country until 1912.

There are 14 spring training teams in the Cactus League in Arizona, the biggest clump of them being in Scottsdale, which brings in $1 billion each year in March alone.


There are three of these LOVE statues in the United States—New York, Pennsylvania, and Scottsdale—and this gets more pictures taken in front of than the abundance of wild life. I took this picture in front of it last year without realizing how big of a part of Scottsdale it was.

There’s so much more I can’t remember from the tour, but all I know is that now I want a segway of my own.



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