Finals, eh?


Listening to one of my latest faves on repeat as I cram in as much European history as my brain can handle


There’s nothing like a Kate Spade mug to motivate me//force down green tea


The grooviest tracks I’ve been constantly jamming to this week

“Do finals even matter?” is the question I’ve found myself asking more often than not in the past 24 hours. The sad part—they haven’t even started. I keep trying to give myself plausible explanations of WHY, just why, us students must endure such a grueling week, but I’m never satisfied with the answers. I guess we’ll just have to (as my favorite teacher says) “buckle up buttercups,” and get through this week the best we can. Motivation: The lingering two & a half week break, Christmas, and the Black Keys concert I’ll be attending in KC this weekend.


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